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terms and conditions of use of the website

The following document outlines the terms and general conditions of use of the website, which provides the user with a ‘showcase’ of the activities of the company Mancini Mec Service S.r.l. operating in the field of precision mechanics, CNC turning, milling, and boring machining, steel and metal welding for the production of mechanical assemblies, as well as in the processing of metals, their derivatives, and even the latest generation alloys.


To enable a complete understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, the following terms, both in singular and plural form, shall have the meanings as indicated below:

Owner: Mancini Mec Service S.r.l., with its registered office in 47522 Pievesestina di Cesena (FC), Via Fossalta, 2785, VAT/Tax Code 02633230400, phone number 0547.31.89.57, email address:;

Website (Site): the website;

User: any individual or entity that accesses and uses the Site;

Conditions: this contract governing the relationship between the Owner and the Users.


By navigating through the pages of the Site, the User can view the products distributed by the Owner in the dedicated catalog (e.g., machinery and equipment inventory) and contact the Owner for various information (e.g., quotation requests, product and service information, etc.). The Site is not an e-commerce platform or a marketplace.


The use of the Site implies the full acceptance of these Conditions by the User. If the User does not intend to accept the Conditions and/or any other notes, legal notices, or information published or referred to therein, they may not use the Site or its related services.

The Conditions may be modified at any time. Any changes will be effective from the moment of their publication on the Site. Before using the Site, the User is required to carefully read the Conditions and save or print them for future reference.

The Owner reserves the right to vary, at its discretion, at any time, the graphic interface of the Site, the Content, and their organization, as well as any other aspect that characterizes the functionality and management of the Site, communicating to the User, where necessary, the relevant instructions.


All the content of the Site, including texts, documents, trademarks, logos, images, graphics, their arrangement, and adaptations are protected by copyright laws and trademark protection laws. The Site may also contain images, documents, logos, and trademarks of third parties who have expressly authorized the Owner to publish them on the Site. Except for strictly personal use, it is not allowed to copy, alter, distribute, publish, or use the Content without the specific authorization of the Owner.


The Site is provided “as is” and “as available,” and the Owner does not provide any express or implied warranties in relation to the Site, nor does it provide any warranty that the Site will meet the User’s needs, be uninterrupted, error-free, or free from viruses or bugs.

The Owner will make every effort to ensure that the Site is available continuously 24 hours a day, but it cannot be held responsible in any way if, for any reason, the Site is not accessible and/or operational at any time or for any period. Access to the Site may be temporarily suspended without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance, repairs, or for reasons entirely beyond the Owner’s control or due to force majeure events.


The Owner cannot be held liable towards the User, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, for malfunctions or disruptions related to the use of the internet outside of its control or that of its suppliers.

The Owner will also not be responsible for damages, losses, and costs incurred by the User as a result of the non-performance of the contract for reasons not attributable to it.

The Owner will not be liable for:

Any loss of business opportunities and any other loss, even indirect, suffered by the User that is not a direct consequence of the Owner’s breach of the contract.

Incorrect or improper use of the Site by Users or third parties.

In no event shall the Owner be liable for an amount exceeding twice the cost paid by the User.


The Owner shall not be held responsible for the failure or delay in fulfilling its obligations due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Owner, including force majeure events or, in any case, unforeseen and unpredictable events, and in any case beyond its control.

The performance of the Owner’s obligations shall be deemed suspended for the period in which force majeure events occur.

The Owner will take any action within its power to identify solutions that allow for the proper fulfillment of its obligations despite the persistence of force majeure events.


The Site may contain links to third-party websites/applications. The Owner exercises no control over them and, therefore, is not in any way responsible for the content of these websites/applications.

Some of these links may refer to third-party websites/applications that provide services through the Site. In these cases, the terms and conditions for the use of the website/application and the use of the service prepared by third parties will apply to the individual services, for which the Owner assumes no responsibility.


The protection and processing of personal data will be carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which can be consulted on the Privacy Policy page of the Site.


The Conditions are subject to Italian law.

For Professional Users, any dispute relating to the application, execution, and interpretation of these Conditions shall be under the jurisdiction of the court located at the registered office of the Owner.

For Consumer Users, any dispute related to the Site, the execution, and interpretation of these Conditions will be referred to the court located in the place where the Consumer User resides or has chosen domicile, if located within the territory of the Italian State, while respecting the Consumer User’s right to approach a court different from that of the “consumer court” pursuant to Article 66 bis of the Consumer Code, competent by territory according to one of the criteria set out in Articles 18, 19, and 20 of the Civil Procedure Code.

Consumer Users who do not have their habitual residence in Italy are subject to the potentially more favorable and non-waivable provisions provided by the law of the country in which they have their habitual residence, in particular concerning the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal, the deadline for returning the Products in case of exercising such right, the methods and formalities of communication of the same, and the legal warranty of conformity.


Consumer Users residing in Europe should be aware that the European Commission has established an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by Consumer Users to resolve non-judicially any dispute related to and/or arising from contracts for the sale of goods and the provision of services entered into online. Therefore, Consumer Users can use this platform to resolve any disputes arising from contracts concluded online. The platform is available at the following address:

Date 30/05/2022