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Foratura di componenti meccanici

drilling of mechanical components

We provide our customers with specialized technicians in precision mechanical machining, including drilling and CNC milling applied to metals, their derivatives, noble materials, and plastics.

Drilling Techniques

Depending on the type and quantity of the batch, our production is carried out on ISO 50 and ISO 40 vertical machining centers, horizontal multi-pallet machines, and vertical rotary-pallet machines. We can work with maximum dimensions of 2500 x 950 mm and perform all related processes after drilling, including threading (done with taps or threading dies), countersinking, boring, and milling.

The equipment used for drilling includes:

  • Horizontal machining center with 6 pallets: Mori Seiki SH500
  • Vertical machining center: Doosan DNM 750L
  • Vertical machining center: Haas VF4 SS
  • Two vertical machining centers with rotary pallets: Quaser MK603
  • Doosan MYNX 9500 machining center