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Our family-owned company was established in the late 1990s, and Stefano Mancini’s thirty years of experience in the metalworking industry have been complemented by the creativity, determination,and capabilities of his sons Alex and Marcello and daughter Valentina. Our business, originally founded as a turning shop for metal processing, has evolved over the years thanks to the use of high-end machinery. These machines allow us to pay particular attention to details, tolerances, and finishes. Our strength lies in the close collaboration between design and specialized craftsmanship, ensuring professionalism, punctuality, and product quality for our clients. Today, our clientele operates on a global scale.


After investing in personnel and equipment, we have achieved the goal of certifying the company with ISO 9001/2015 certification.


• Precision Mechanics
• Typical Machining
• Precision Mechanical Machining


Since 2011, there has been increasing talk about business networks. These aggregations are able to provide the impact of a highly structured company while guaranteeing the flexibility and dynamism of a medium/small business while maintaining the independence of each company.

Mancini Mec Service is one of the first companies in the area to establish and participate in network contracts with the aim of improving the services provided to current customers and optimizing orders from abroad with the Co.N.Eng project (Company Network Engineering).

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