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alesatura di componenti meccanici

precision boring of mechanical components

We are equipped to provide finishing processes that involve the use of reamers or boring tools applied in turning or machining centers, offering diameters up to 900mm and multi-pallet tables with a maximum width of 2500×950 mm.

The equipment we use for precision boring on the components we produce includes:
• Doosan VT 900M motorized vertical lathe
• 3 motorized vertical lathes Doosan V 550M
• 5 motorized vertical lathes Doosan Puma V8300M
• 2 motorized horizontal lathes Doosan Puma 400M
• 2 Mori Seiki NL2500 Y motorized horizontal lathes with Y-axis
• Mori Seiki SH500 6-pallet horizontal machining center
• Doosan MINX 9500 vertical machining center
• Doosan DNM 750L vertical machining center
• Haas VF4 Super Speed vertical machining center
• 2 Quaser MK603 vertical machining centers with roto-pallets

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining