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machine park and equipment

• Three-dimensional measuring machine “CW mod. CE544A” with a test bed of 500x500x400
• 3D CAD/CAM Top-solid 7
• Horizontal machining center MORI SEIKI MOD. SH500/40 A 6 PALLETS 500×500. Stroke dimensions 600x600x600
• Vertical machining center DOOSAN MYNX 9500 (ISO 50) 2500x950x900
• Vertical machining center HAAS VF4 Super Speed (ISO 40) 1300x500x650 with a continuously dividing table
• N°2 Vertical machining centers QUASER Roto-pallet MK603 (ISO 40) 1000x600x650 on each pallet
• Machining center DOOSAN DNM 750L ISO 50 2000x750x800
• CNC lathe MORI SEIKI MOD. NL 2500 D max turnable ø 450, length 1300 with motorized tools, automatic steady rest, and tailstock in cycle
• CNC lathe MORI SEIKI MOD. NL 2500Y D max turnable ø 450, length 700 with ø 300 chuck, motorized tools, Y-axis, and tailstock in cycle
• N 2 CNC lathes DOOSAN PUMA 400 MB with motorized tools D max turnable ø650×1000
• CNC lathe DOOSAN VT 900 VERTICAL with motorized tools D max turnable ø900×700 with a swing of 1100 mm
• N°5 CNC lathes DOOSAN V8300M vertical with motorized tools D max turnable ø 830
• N 2 CNC lathes DOOSAN PUMA V550M vertical with motorized tools D max turnable ø 800
• CNC vertical lathe DOOSAN PUMA V550 with a maximum turning diameter of ø 800mm
• Parallel lathe BULLcompres 300×1000 with visualized ø 250 chuck
• Parallel lathe POTIJE 600×3000 with visualized ø 350 chuck
• Parallel lathe MCM mod Handy with visualized ø 300 chuck and ø 700 swing
• ELI 250b milling machine with rapid head (ISO 40), visualized
• Automatic band saw ø 320 KASTO
• Automatic band saw ø 280 MEP
• Automatic vertical broaching machine CAMS 250 with ø 400 chuck
• 40-ton overhead crane and 15 wall-mounted cranes 200 kg each
• MITUTOYO testing bench 1600×1000 with LINEAR-HIGHT 2D height 600 mm.
• Hundredth of a millimeter control from 0 to 1000, executable on board the machine with a wide range of constantly updated tools
• MONTINI 25-ton forklift
• STILL 20-ton forklift
• CESAB 350 A welder with stud positioner
• FRONIUS 500 A welder with positioner
• DAILY 35-ton truck with loading dimensions of 2000X4500
• Pneumatic microdot marker
• MODULA One Ton automatic vertical warehouse
• N°3 YASKAWA robots with a load capacity of 180Kg operating on three automated islands
• N°2 Renishaw Equator 500 piece inspection systems
• Electronic cabinets

New Machinery

Vertical machining center on prismatic guides with 40 ISO 50 tools, an extremely rigid and robust machine for milling, drilling, and boring operations with significant performance, combined with a 3D cam process, it has very reliable and precise repeatability.

PUMA V8300 M
With a very generous turning diameter combined with one of the highest power ratings in its class, this vertical lathe enables high-performance machining while maintaining the highest level of precision and reliability during extended operation periods.

The Yaskawa robot provides a payload capacity of 180 kg and a maximum reach of 2,702 mm, combined with excellent repeatability precision of 0.05 mm.
This six-axis robot delivers fast and precise performance, enabling increased productivity even in applications with heavy load handling.
Equipped with a large working area, it uses an aerodynamic upper arm for easy access to tight spaces.
The robotic mechanical arm efficiently handles significant production batches with an organized workflow.

The Equator 500 system allows inspection of parts within an operational volume of 500 mm in diameter and 400 mm in height. The Equator 500 base can accommodate parts and fixtures weighing up to a maximum of 100 kg.
It ensures high accuracy within temperatures ranging from 5º C to 50º C and can achieve scanning speeds of over 200 mm/s.
Process drift correction, in addition to reducing the number of rejects, enhances part quality and production capacity.
The proximity of the Equator gauge to the CNC allows for adjustments to be made directly during production, eliminating delays in inspections of finished parts.

An innovative system with electronic locking equipped with a special centralized locking mechanism that not only allows for the quick selection of stored materials in the warehouse but also ensures order and appropriate stock levels.