Mancini Mec-Service carries out numerical control turning processing on behalf of third parties on many types of material: from stainless steel to plastic, including types of steel that are highly related to noble material such as bronze and copper. The continuous commitment of our employees allows us to fulfil the clients’ requests, respecting our quality and timing standards and paying special attention to the dimensional aspects of each component and the finishes of the metal used.


Our turning lathes allow us to work in a measuring range that goes from 40 to 900mm in diameter; using motorized tools and Y-axis, we guarantee maximum flexibility of processing. Our “fleet” is made of:

  • 6 motor-powered vertical turning lathes with continuous C-axis, in order to treat particular features in complete safety, including heavyweight elements.
  • 4 horizontal turning lathes, equipped with motorized tools and Y-axis, in order to treat elements longer than one meter.

Our company also has a department dedicated to traditional turning, with 3 parallel lathes which guarantee a workpiece swing of 800mm, and a length up to 3 meters; this gives us the possibility to carry out quick or special repairing jobs.